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Pr. Jessica's Weekly Message - 8/11/21

Almighty God, in choosing the virgin Mary to be the mother of your Son, you made known your gracious regard for the poor, the lowly, and the despised. Grant us grace to receive your word in humility, and so to be made one with your Son, Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


Dear Beloved,

This Sunday is a Feast Day! Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but every so often, even during this long season called “Ordinary Time,” a Feast Day comes along and gives us the opportunity to reflect on a particular saint or event in the life of Jesus. This Sunday is the Feast of Mary, Mother of Our Lord. What a wonderful day to remember Mary’s story, her faith, her perplexity, and her heartbreak. She endured the Angel Gabriel’s raucous visit and announcement about God’s plans for her, she bore our Savior in her womb while she also bore the humiliation of being an unwed, pregnant teenager, and the dislocation of being forced to travel for the census so close to childbirth. And it’s a day to remember her song, her prophetic, joyful, powerful song about what God has done and is doing. The song that speaks of all that is unjust being righted, what is upside down being flipped around. The song that sings words of hope to all who are hungry, poor, despised and oppressed. Blessings to you as you gather to celebrate Mary’s Feast Day.


Here are the links you need this week:

THE FEAST DAY OF MARY, MOTHER OF OUR LORD, 8/15: The Service of Holy Communion begins at 10:15AM, IN PERSON, and on Facebook live-stream:

Jan Gallagher will preach and preside.




The worship services on 8/22 and 8/29 will both be in-person as well as live-streamed to Facebook. I hope you can attend one or both Sundays in person. Maristela Freiberg, from the Office of the Bishop, will be present with us on the 29th for a Farewell and Godspeed rite for me and my family.

With Love, in Christ,

Pastor Jess

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